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name: mita makoto
三田 睦
age: 16-17 (?)
birthday: jan. 7th (capricorn)
height: 5'7"
weight: 134 lbs

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makoto is an eleventh grader in komanami private academy (which should make him around 16 to 17 yrs old if my sources didn't fail me!!) due to his "bright and disarming" personality, he's generally liked by the student body. he used to be one of the star players in the school's basketball team. he quit shortly after joining: "he explained he was having to spend more hours over the weekend at his part-time job [...] or such was his given excuse."

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!!spoilers ૮ O ﻌ o ა..censored text = spoilers!!
i like makoto a little bit. i think he's kinda awesome and i would put him in a blender, but he's kind of a victim of circumstance so i feel a little bad... no but fr tho the second he showed up on my screen i just knew he would be one of my favorites (dog-like childhood bff characters FTW!!!!). his story/ending kinda ruined me a little bit :'U the other characters had the privilege of at least knowing/finding out about their conditions, and with that information, they were able to "control"/rationalize their actions and decisions (kind of. not really. LOL) despite the otherworldly powers that controlled their very humanity. makoto, on the other hand, was kept in the dark which made him extremely vulnerable to the pheromone stuff. seeing makoto confused at the foot of youji's bed was genuinely devastating i'm pretty sure i died like a bajillion times when i got to that scene :'U i can't even imagine how scared and lonely it must be to be put in a situation where your senses, thoughts, etc... are being controlled/manipulated by some outside force you aren't aware of, and so you have to spend the rest of your life dealing with this insatiable hunger that is literally killing you alongside the guilt that comes with what makoto did to youji. it's my personal belief that makoto's more unsavory traits were always part of him from the very beginning (eg. makoto having no problem spreading rumors about tetsuo if it meant keeping youji scared of tetsuo), and these traits were only heightened to the degree we see it during the end of his route by the weird omegaverse pheromone stuff happening to him. idk, i probably have more to say about him but its like 5:00 in the morning LMAO anways i love makoto mita he's seems like an awesome guy when he's not cannibalizing or assaulting his friends ૮⍝• ᴥ •⍝ა

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